Animal rescue organizations are NGOs or they are affiliated to the government of a certain state. Their purpose is to fight against animal cruelty and to help the animals in need. The development of this kind of organizations started long ago and they managed to become more and more popular, some of them even having TV shows in which they educate people how to behave with animals. People working here are very dedicated but sometimes they need the help of people from the exterior in order to help the animals.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

PETA is perhaps one of the best known organizations. Their scandalous ads and collaborations with celebrities gave them an amazing notoriety. They promote the fight against natural fur and fur/skin related products with very controversial ads. They managed to pressure the celebrities that wore fur coats to stop doing that by publicly explaining how animals are gruesomely killed in order to obtain that fur. Other campaigns happened during Fashion Weeks all over the world where PETA volunteers and staff threw red paint on the fur coats of models and celebrities in order to symbolize the bloodshed that led to their expensive coats. The best way to help them is to share the content on social media because it has a great impact. There are many people that simply don’t know that animals are electrocuted in order to get better fur from them. Another great way to help is by donating.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

ASPCA comes from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They are also very well known and have many kennels all around America. They rescue animals that are hurt or unwanted and then they try to find them a home. They have a very good staff and excellent vets that take care of the injured animals. They are very busy all the time and any helping hand is very good for them. You can help by donating or by becoming a volunteer. You can help them around the kennels or you can even become a temporary foster parent for one of the animals in need until a definitive home is found. They also have special divisions that are followed by the police when they have to take an animal from an abusive owner.

World Wildlife Foundation

World Wildlife Foundation is one of the best known animal rescue associations is the world. They work all around the globe to help animals in need and to save endangered species. They contributed a lot to the development of laws that protect wildlife and managed to rescue many species from being extinct. Working 24/7 all around the globe, they definitely need a helping hand.  You can help by donating and sharing their informational awareness posts that explain that there are many other products besides fur and leather that were produced by harming animals. They also appreciate if you want to become a volunteer and to help during their projects. They have multiple projects all around the globe because they consider that all animals should be rescued.