It can happen to anyone to see an injured animal on the side of the road or in the woods. The problem is that our actions can sometimes hurt the animal even when we want to do something good. Like we are taught in school that it is the best to wait for help than to get a person out of a crashed car, there are some basic rules that will help you in your heroic act.

If you are on the road and you see an animal lying on the side of the road you will probably stop and check it. The first thing you want to see is whether the animal is still alive. Many animals that were hit by cars died instantly because of the impact. If the animal is still alive you have to be very careful not to move it because you may inflict deadly injuries on the spine. Don’t try to touch or pet the animal because they may bite you because of the pain and shock. Call the nearest animal-control facility in order to get professional help. If you don’t know the exact phone number, call 911 or the emergency number from that area and state your problem. After you have announced the authorities of the problem remain near the animal because it will be easier for the rescuers to spot the exact location.

If you find an injured animal that doesn’t seem to have spinal injuries you can transport it yourself at the nearest vet. Before leaving, note the exact location where you found the animal because you will want to know where to release it after it gets well. This rule is applied especially if you are rescuing wild animals. Even if it may seem a good idea, you should not offer food to the suffering animals because you may cause a lot of harm. They may distinct this food as bad for their organism and eat it and in general, offering food to animals in shock is a bad idea. If you want to transport the animal it is recommended to put them in a dark and silent space like a cardboard box with holed for ventilation. Put a blouse or a towel inside the box for comfort. Animals tend to calm much more easily if they have darkness and silence. Call the nearest animal-rescue centre in order to find the best place to take the animal. While on the road it is better to turn off the radio in order to calm the suffering animal.

If you find dangerous suffering animals like snakes or large mammals it is better to call for help. Do not try to handle the snakes because they may bite you because of the pain and many of us cannot distinguish between venomous and harmless snakes. If you find a large wild animal in suffering it is better to call for help and them to remain in the area in order to help the rescuers find the animal easier.