All around the world, animals and their homes are struggling for survival due to human development and encroachment that is taking away their natural homes and space. Wildlife volunteering is a beneficial way to help protect wildlife and promote wildlife conservation. Wildlife volunteering is an extensive topic, and there is always something for everyone. Some of the projects include getting your hands muddy or dirty in the jungle; if you don’t like this, there are other ways to contribute. A considerable part of wildlife conservation includes teaching and raising awareness. The animal kingdom is waiting for you. Here is how to volunteer at wildlife centres.


There are different types of volunteering project available at different wildlife centres. An essential part of wildlife conservation is enlightening the local communities about the detrimental effect of illegal trafficking and animal poaching. It also involves working with groups to run workshops and even running online awareness and campaigns. Construction is perfect if you don’t like working with animals one on one. If you are the handy type and will want to help create more infrastructure and resources, then you can volunteer on construction projects. Your skills will be precious as you will help provide better care for the animals and workers too.

You can volunteer at refuge centre to help with the daily upkeep of the centre, and this will give you the chance to visit more remote areas.

The Marine wildlife is also under threat volunteer are needed to carry out underwater research and monitoring, the marine is perfect if you have dive certification. If you don’t know how to dive, you can be on land for turtle rehabilitation.


Different wildlife centres have different requirements for volunteers.  At some centres, a volunteer is required to be able to lift up to 20lbs and 50lbs for marine mammal and rehabilitation volunteer, must be able to climb hills and stairs, navigate uneven surfaces, in short, must be able to perform strenuous activities, must not have any serious health issue. Some deem it necessary for you to undergo a couple of training and orientation for few weeks before you start volunteering at their centre. Some organizations find it necessary for you to get vaccinated against some infection. To know the perfect wildlife centres to volunteer for check out their requirements online or by visiting them before you fill their application. However, some wildlife centres value your time, and regardless of your ability, they will always find you something to do.


After you have understood the requirement, terms, and condition, you can contact the wildlife centre you want to volunteer with to get details about their applications and also to give you more information about how to volunteer. If you are far from wildlife centres, you can visit their official website to fill out their application. You can also create a volunteer account here to create an account, and with that, you can volunteer with different wildlife centres.