We all know how critical is the damage that the human race has already done to our oceans, threatening animals, birds and the delicate ecosystems. But sitting at home in front of your TV you are probably thinking “what can I do to solve the problem?”. Actually, there are plenty of things that the individual can do to help save our oceans and here are some of them.

Reduce Energy Consumption

There is only one person that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy usage and that is you. And there are simple ways of doing it such as leaving your car at home and taking public transport. Look at the energy you are consuming at home and come up with ways to reduce it. Switch to LED lighting and turn your thermostat down a couple of notches.

Watch What Food You Buy Your Pet      

Many of us now study the food labels when purchasing our own food, but how many of us do the same when choosing either cat or dog food. Read the labels as you would human food and ensure the contents are sustainable. Dispose of cat litter responsibly, it contains pathogens which will harm marine life.

Make the Sustainable Food and Packaging Choices

There are less and less fish in the sea, this is due partly because of pollution but mainly because humans eat so many of them. You need to teach yourself that when you are out dining or shopping make sure you look for sustainable packaging, or if in doubt ask the waiter. Plastic is the biggest danger to our oceans; it does not degrade, and animals eat it thinking it is food. Many fish and birds are killed because of discarded plastic thrown away by us. There are simple solutions to this problem, always opt for reusable packaging and avoid plastic like the plague. Carry your food in non-disposable containers, always carry a reusable water bottle, and recycle whenever possible. Pay attention that there are many stores, especially online that sell marine products. Think hard about the items you are about to purchase, and avoid things such as coral, any shark products, and tortoiseshell accessories. If everybody did this then the damage to the fragile reefs would stop, and marine animals could live in their favorite environment.

Look After Your Local Beach

Everybody loves going down to the beach and spending time hanging out, surfing, swimming and every other sort of beach activity. But if your beach is littered with washed up garbage, the attraction is no longer there. Always clean up after yourself, if possible, get involved with clean-up groups that regularly spruce up local beaches. In general, try to influence change in your local community, lobby politicians for amendments to marine legislation. Join organizations that are active in marine conservation, talk to your friends and tell them what is happening to our oceans, get them engaged in debate also. As you can see there are many things that you as an individual can do to make a real change, so act now.