Animals are beings that surround us every day. Whether we are speaking about pets or wild animals, they can be found virtually everywhere. Our lifestyle proved to be very harmful for them in many situations and it also proved to be the main reason for the extinction of some species. There are many people that fight for the well-being of animals while others seem to be careless. Caring about animals is not only petting a dog on the street and it should be considered a very important moral trait of everybody.

First of all, you show compassion. Gandhi said that you can see how a person really is by judging the way he/she treats the animals. You have to think that most of the animals are weaker than us and that they can’t protect themselves. By showing compassion for them you prove that you are more than a simple being that had the luck to be stronger in the hierarchy. Buy products from farmers that treat their animals well and don’t exploit them. The best way to show your care is to be vegan. It is considered a lifestyle because you also avoid any leather or animal-product in general. If you are unable to do that at least make sure that the animals were treated well before their death.

You have to understand that all animals are living creatures that have basis emotions and are able to feel pain or fear. Try to imagine the way a stray dog feels in a kennel: alone, scared, hungry and unwanted. There are many animals that developed to be dependent for our assistance because we raised them so during the centuries. Cats need a warm place during the winter because we thought them thousands of years ago that we want them in our lives. The entire behavior of animals is the result of our intervention and we should be more responsible about that.

Caring about an animal makes us a better person because we use our empathy. Being a good person is not only our behavior in relation with other humans but in relation with living beings in general. If you are treating a stray dog bad you are definitely more probable to treat a human like this too because you show no empathy. Also, when we think about cosmetic products for example, caring for the animals actually does us a favor. Cruelty-free products that were not tested on animals proved to be higher quality and less dangerous for us too. And you will know that no animal had to die in a cage in a lab for your face cream.

By caring about animals you will also prove that humans deserve to be on the top of the animal hierarchy.  You will not be able to prevent all the bad things happening in the animal world but you have to remember that animals are not cruel to each other on purpose. They only do it to survive. We have other methods to ensure our well-being instead of cruelty.