Saving endangered wildlife species is very necessary to keep the remaining species of wildlife animals from going into extinct. Wildlife organizations around the world focus on protection and safeguarding of livestock under serious threat due to poaching, pollution, habitat destruction or illegal wildlife trade. These groups also give voice to the voiceless species thereby making the world more aware of the dangers facing wildlife, and the significant difference we can make by joining a wildlife rescue organization. Here are some of the best wildlife rescue organizations from all over the world that are trying their best to keep wildlife alive.


Founded in 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Society is a worldwide society established with the aim of helping a wild variety of animals that include gorillas, tigers and ocean giants are not excluded. They are known to use science to understand and discover the natural world. Their knowledge of science helps them to inspire and engage communities, decision-makers, and supporters to take action and protect the wild places and wildlife we all care about.

Wildlife Conservation Society Memberships


The African Wildlife Foundation formerly the African Wildlife Leadership Foundation was founded in 1961, was created to attend to Africa’s essential and unique conservation needs. Africa is the habitat for some species that are now facing extinctions like the mountain gorillas and Grevy’s zebras. The conserve wildlife by taking safeguarding measures like training rangers, empowering communities, using sniffer dogs in other to ensure that Africa’s wildlife survive. AWF is also keen on the local people, sharing the land with wildlife could lead to deforestation, and that’s why they teach people to learn to live peacefully with animals outside and inside protected areas to ensure that the future is better.


Located in Uganda, Rwanda and the National Republic of Congo, Gorilla Doctors is a team of veterinarians that look after the endangered species of gorillas on the brink of extinction. They provide health care service for a different illness. They are mostly dedicated to mountain gorillas that are unique form their relative by their fur and ability to live at high altitude. They treat gorillas that are human habituated, family groups that are known to be accustomed to the presence of a human.


Located in Cambodia, the Avid planet savers, the Wildlife Alliance is set up to eliminate wildlife extinction. The organization focuses on fighting illegal wildlife trade by providing an alternative source of income for underserved, struggling communities. They also offer rehabilitation and hands-on rescue to animals in plight. They are a leader when it comes to the direct protection of wildlife and forest in tropical Asia. Wildlife Alliance works with government rangers to ensure that there is strict law enforcement. They build guards professional ability and give them full support for their livelihood, in other to keep them away from corruption. They also have a Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team that look into illegal wildlife trade and ensure that everyone found in the illegal trade of wildlife is brought to book.